The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy

One of my favourite books ever

Posted by on May 27, 2018

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This book came onto my radar when a friend was reading it at a conference I attended, and after asking me about it she agreed to post it my way when finished with it in return for a book sent her way (I sent Jennifer Egen’s a visit from the goon squad).

I started this book the way I always want to start any piece of art – by knowing nothing about it. It is the story of a pair of twins in the late 60s, essentially telling the tale of why the ended up as fucked up as they are. This involves flipping between the story in the 60s and one in near contemporary times. This novel involved one of my favourite literary techniques of an unreliable narrator with the narration skewed toward that of Rahel (the twin girl) and as a result at times reminded me in many ways of To Kill a Mockingbird. Where the reader is shown a particularly traumatic event from the point of view of a child and therefore the trauma isn’t very conveying in the text.

A major plot device in this story was that of the Indian caste system, which I have been fascinated by for many years and I found the book to be a great source of information on the subject.

I am trying to not have spoilers in these reviews, but this was very very almost my favourite book ever (and is still only just behind To Kill a Mockingbird). However, those that have read it will know what I mean when I say there was a moment at the end which I felt did not make sense and it nearly ruined the book for me.